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The Blame Game

A recent column by J. Patrick Coolican stirred up some interesting debate among Las Vegas Sun readers over who is to blame for America’s economic problems.

The writer says that unions shouldn’t be blamed for the country’s stagnant economy.

We agree on this point. But he also says, “the total defeat of labor unions is nearly complete, with the results for many average workers a nightmare.”

No question, these are challenging times for our members and their families who stand to lose their jobs, benefits, worker rights and pensions.

But IAFF members are standing ground and succeeding in places like Michigan, where fire fighters pushed back against proposals to combine fire and police into single public safety offices (PSOs) and in Oklahoma, where IAFF members fought and won a battle to prevent legislation that would harm binding arbitration and Ohio, where fire fighters and other public employees are collecting signatures to repeal SB 5, the law stripping workers of their collective bargaining rights.

The IAFF is also fighting back hard by taking a stand against national candidates who don’t have our backs.

Let’s not let columnists and political pundits write the epitaph of unions and the labor movement because, contrary to the picture that is still being painted in the press, the IAFF and the union movement are still standing and will continue to fight and have our voices heard come 2012.

You can count on that!

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  • James Strade (Las Vegas)

    5/13/2011 6:14:15 PM |

    As long as the membership is in favor of making illegals as comfortable as possible in our Country the Unions will suffer. The money to support these people must come from somewhere and as long as we keep letting the Government blame us our rights will keep disappearing and the rights of the illegals will keep getting better until we are gone! The budget for the County Hospital in Las Vegas is five hundred thousand dollars a year and the indignant care for aliens is two hundred fifty thousand you do the math. JIMMY

  • James Strade (Las Vegas)

    5/14/2011 11:54:49 AM |

    I am sorry I put in my comment that the budget was five hundred  thousand I was wrong it is five hundred Million and the aliens cost us two hundred fifty million. That is only at one Hospital I am not able to get the info from the other Hospitals in Vegas. JIMMY

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