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IAFF Coming Attractions 2012

As we close out 2011, efforts undertaken by the IAFF have made a difference to so many affiliates who are facing unprecedented political attacks.

We plan to continue to fight back in 2012 and will prepare our affiliate leaders with the resources they need to combat the attacks that are being waged against workers’ rights across the country.

The IAFF will conduct its annual Affiliate Leadership Training Summit (ALTS), a two-day Conference that helps union leaders become more effective in their roles and learn strategic steps for fighting against political attacks. The Conference is January 24-26 and will be held in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. You can find more information about the Conference here. You can register here.

The IAFF will also sponsor the Ernest A. “Buddy” Mass Human Relations Conference, designed to build solidarity among brother and sister fire fighters. It promotes strategies and tools that enhance the quality of life for all of our members. Our Human Relations Conference is January 22-24 and will also be held in Lake Buena Vista, Florida, prior to the Affiliate Leadership Training Summit. You can find more information about the Conference here. You can register here.

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  • Mary Kohler (Philadelphia)

    12/28/2011 10:31:31 AM |

    I truly prayed that all my brothers & sisters would have had a very happy & safe holiday season. Unfortunately, that was not to be. My Fraternal Love goes out to the families who have lost their loved ones in recent weeks. Somehow, Worcester seems to be repeatedly stricken by loss during the month of December. I do not intend to lessen the tragedies of other Depts., just a sad observation. Every New Year, when so many are making "resolutions", I pray for a year without a LODD. Would that not be a glorious year! I also pray for the families of those who have passed as a result of LOD illnesses & injuries suffered  months or even years ago, who, too often, pass without the recognition of all but those closest to them. On a lighter note, I would like to express my sincere & heartfelt THANK YOU to those who have continued to keep me in their thoughts & prayers. It has been 11 years since FF Norm Stabinski and I brought the issue of Hepatitis C as an occupational hazard for not only the fire service, but all EMS providers, healthcare workers and law enforcement, including correctional officers in PA. I am so happy that our two weeks of sitting in City Hall was not in vain. I also know that the IAFF is continuing to use that presumptive illness bill that PA State Senator Mike Stack took on as a personal issue & took unprecedented actions as a newly sworn freshman Senator. He was like a dog with a bone! He did not give up until he got the first change in the PA Workmans' Compensation Law changed for the first time in over FORTY YEARS. I think it is worth noting that when the Bill came up for vote, it was passed UNANIMOUSLY by both the PA House & Senate! Further, it was signed into Law by the Governor, in a Philadelphia Firehouse! It took many months, but Senator Stack fought those enormously powerful & purely money motivated insurance lobbyists and convinced his collegues that voting for the bill might not be the "politically safe" thing, but the RIGHT thing to do! Senator Stack clearly proved, from the BEGINNING of his third generation political career that every Bill he chooses to support & every vote he casts effects individuals! Even though I no longer live in his district, even after 11 years, he maintains contact with me & recently helped me when an electrician handed me a piece of paper, telling me he was from PECO to turn off my electricity because I had ignored the 72 hr. turn off notice! Despite my protest that this was a mistake, he walked over to my meter,his job was done & he was gone in less than 2 mins! After calling PECO & being told since I didn't respond to the turn-off notice it would take over $1500 in unpaid bills, restoration fees & 48-72 hours to get my electricity back, even though they acknowledged upon looking up my account, that a computer error in account #s was responsible, but since billing issues were outsourced, that was it. I called Senator's staff who gave me a # for my Dr. to fax documentation of my LEGIT health issues that allowed 30 days to get the problem solved. PECO didn't offer options! Less than an hr. later the man returned, with a smile, & restored my service! 2 weeks later, I got an "amended bill" with a $54.00 CREDIT, since I am on an autopay monthly budget! I have a feeling that the Senator had input in the timing of the restoration, as well. In any case, other than this & other unexpected issues that everyone deals with, I am doing physically well. Though I have failed 3 rounds of the Hep C treatment, 12 years after diagnosis, my liver functions are well within normal limits. I do have to take strong meds for Hep C related joint pain, I am given 2 infusions every 6 mos that have restored normal joint function, they don't help the pain, but the meds work for that. So other than periodic complications that require short hospitalizations, I am living a normal life after the 6 year fight for my LOD disability/retirement. I am even applying for a customer service job since I only have ins. coverage for hep C issues & my pension is 70% of what I made 12 yrs. ago, the City only pays Medicare Tax, so City employees are not eligable for SS or SS Disability. There is also no cost of living allocations for pensioners in Phila. So getting an office job would allow me to accrue add'l SS qtrs.,since I did get some prior to working for the City & from my many p/t jobs.Though I actually have accrued enough for SS when I'm of age, I don't have enough to apply for SS disability. My Dr. also approves since he feels it will help the clinical depression that I was left with as a permanent side effect of the treatments. Well, since I have posted much more than intended, I thank you for your time & look forward to reading your posts. GOD BLESS!    

  • John Butler (Mississauga)

    12/28/2011 12:15:24 PM |

    Where, in the IAFF constitution, does it require our executive members to bargain in good faith for the good of it's members and not for their own personal promotional gain.
    Where in the IAFF constitution does it require our executive officers to remove themselves from any bargaining or dispute resolution, where there is a conflict of interest.
    What obligation do executive officers have to declare those conflicts of interest and refrain from bargaining when they themselves have the potential to be promoted as a result of any subsequent agreements with the employer.

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