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The Fight Over Wisconsin Continues

The political theater continues in Wisconsin as news broke over the weekend that a federal judge struck down key parts of Governor Scott Walker’s union-busting bill.

According to the ruling, the state can’t prevent public employees from collecting voluntary dues through payroll deductions and it can’t require they recertify annually.

Public safety unions were largely exempted from the provision, which led the court to rule on Friday that Wisconsin did not have the right to choose which public unions could be exempted under the current collective bargaining law.

On the heels of the court’s ruling, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett announced his plans to run against Walker in the June recall.

Barrett says it is time to bring “Wisconsin back.”

Barrett ran against Walker for the governorship in 2010 receiving 47 percent of the vote.  In a poll released last week, Walker holds a slight edge over Barrett with 47 percent to 45 percent

Barrett also ran for governor in 2002.

Three other candidates have announced their intentions to compete for the Democratic nomination for governor in the upcoming recall, including: Secretary of State Doug La Follette, State Senator Kathleen Vinehout and former Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk.

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  • Leonard Orlando (Green Bay)

    4/2/2012 11:29:57 PM |

    This fight took an interesting and unexplainable twist toay when Milwaukee Local 215 President Dave Seager announced their support for Walker in the recall election. So there you have it Brothers and Sisters, Local 215 has essentially thrown the entire IAFF and all of organized Labor under the bus. There is absolutely no explanation that the leadership of Local 215 can give that can satisfactorly explain this action. It was only about 2 weeks ago that Madison, WI Local 311 member and PFFW President Mahlon Mitchell entered the race for WI Lt. Gov. in an attempt to "take back Wisconsin" for ALL of organized labor. His actions spoke volumes as to what was at stake. And now we have this!!!!! Brothers and Sisters it is time to seek an explanation from Local 215, it is time to demand accountability, it is time for those who support Seager and Local 215 to stand tall so we know who you are, it is time for those who oppose Local 215 to denounce this blatant disregard for the IAFF and organized laborour friends are and who they aren't, it is time

  • Steve Rose (Oak Park)

    4/8/2012 12:43:52 PM |

    What logical explanation could Local 215 and their leadership  have for endorsing such an anti labor candidate. Govenor Walker has and continues to go out of his way to strip the rights of union workers throughout Wisconsin. Local 215 should do the right thing by removing their endorsement and joining their union brothers and sisters throughout the state in endorsing a candidate who supports restoring the rights of Wisconsin's workers.  

  • Glen McCoy (South Milwaukee)

    4/19/2012 7:35:39 PM |

    Back in February 2011 you marched with us to fight for working families of WI. Now your foot steps are silenced by your allowance of Milwaukee Fire Fighters L215 endorsement of Scott Walker. I only hear crickets.....Glen McCoy

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