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Jane Blume April 19, 2012 15:43

YUM! Brands is the latest Fortune 500 corporation to announce it is cutting ties with the radical, right-wing American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).

YUM! Brands is the owner of (KFC), Taco Bell and Pizza Hut fast food restaurants.

YUM! Brands reportedly co-chaired ALEC’s Labor and Business Regulation subcommittee, which fought to repeal laws guaranteeing paid sick leave to workers.

Here’s a list of influential ALEC supporters who have left the organization over the past two weeks.

Mars Inc.
Pepsi Co.
Kraft Foods
Blue Cross Blue Shield Association
Reed Elsevier (owner of Lexis Nexus)
America Traffic Solutions
Arizona Public Service
The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation


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Keeping the heat on ALEC

Keeping the heat on ALEC

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