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Get It Union

Fire Fighters – like everyone- work hard to earn a living. So, when IAFF members spend their money, it ought to be spent here, in the United States or Canada supporting other union workers, not going to China or Indonesia or some other place.

The IAFF redesigned its “Get It Union” web site (www.getitunion.com) to help IAFF members find and buy union made products.

The site uses what’s already on the Internet, including links on the web to products made and services performed by union workers. The site also features links to other sites built by like-minded Americans and Canadians for finding products made in the United States or Canada.

This web site is open to everyone because there are a lot of consumers out there who, like fire fighters, want to “Get It Union.”

The IAFF will continue to improve it, with your help – so please send your feedback to getitunion@iaff.org.

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