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Pumping Up the Budget by Changing Your Shifts

Elected leaders continue to grapple with shrinking budgets and are turning to public employees – including fire fighters -- for savings.

Baltimore, Maryland fire unions and Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake are at odds over the city’s proposal to require fire fighters to work longer hours.

The new proposal is for fire fighters to work 24 hour shifts for three days.

The mayor says the shift change would allow Baltimore to save $60 million over 10 years.  The mayor is pushing for the new shift in exchange for fire fighters to receive a pay raise and signing bonuses.

The plan would also see 156 fire fighter positions lost through attrition.

An arbitrator will hear the case either later this month or in early May.

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  • Jon Porter (Irving)

    4/10/2013 6:06:09 PM |

    The post isn't clear. Are they discussing a Three shift/platoon system of 24hr shifts? If so, that is what nearly every department in Texas uses and its great. Don't like losing 156 firefighters but a 24hr shift that rotates once every 3 days is just fine. We like it.

  • Steve Johnson (Marion)

    4/10/2013 9:44:52 PM |

    We do 24, off, 24, off, 24, off, off, off, off repeat. We love it. It does suck during the last 10 hrs or so if you've been really busy. I know change is hard, it's these guys lives that the City is trying to flip up side down. Good luck Brothers and be safe.

  • Jeffrey Moran (Woodbridge)

    4/12/2013 1:36:32 PM |

    The Northeast is (or was) more Labor friendly and thus the common 24hr shift schedule here is 24on-72 off. There are some variations of this but our workweek is averaged to 42 hours over 4 weeks. Some, via use of 'Kelly Days", average a 40 hour worke week. The 24on-48 off schedule averages a 56 hour workweek or 14 hours more work per week. This is a 33.3% increase in work hours which must be off set by at least an equivlant wage increase. We cannot contiue to do more/work more without compensation just to 'help' politicians look good. Pay for the work. And to the "brothers who still volumteer as FF's - STOP or this will also be used against raises, work week hours in the future.

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