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Update: Missouri Right to Work

Right to Work should be called the ‘right to divide’ as legislation continues to be pushed in Missouri.

The Missouri House of Representatives agreed upon language and are now waiting on a handful of lawmakers to bring it to a final vote.

If both the House and Senate approve a Right to Work bill then it could appear on a statewide ballot by August, bypassing a veto promised by Governor Jay Nixon.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch hits the nail on its head in a recent editorial on why Right to Work isn’t about workers, the economy or making Missouri a better state.

It’s about the access politicians can gain to big money and donors that is driving the issue in Missouri.

Unbelievably some supporters of Right to Work admitted publicly that Right to Work would lower the average wages of Missouri workers. 

The average worker in states with Right to Work laws make lower salaries compared to workers in other states.

Stand tall Missourians and understand what this Right to Work ploy is all about – an attempt to line the pockets of greedy politicians --- and sending YOU the VOTER to the poor house.


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