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Are You Ready for the 52nd IAFF Convention?

We are just 66 days away before the IAFF arrives in Cincinnati, Ohio, for its biennial Convention July 14-18.

Approximately 2,500 delegates are expected to travel to Cincinnati for the Convention to chart the course of the IAFF over the next two years, as well as help the local economy. The Cincinnati Business Courier reported the Convention could bring upwards to $2.6 million to the City. 

Cincinnati is home to the first fully-paid fire department in the United States, established in 1853. 

The City of Cincinnati and Cincinnati Local 48 are working hard to ensure IAFF Convention delegates have a productive Convention and enjoy the Queen City this summer. 

You can keep up to date on Convention news and activities on the Convention web site as Convention nears, as well as register and credential delegates. 

Book your hotel reservation today as the only hotel that still has available rooms is the Hilton Cincinnati Netherland Plaza.

Nationwide Retirement Solutions has arranged special pricing and reserved seating for the Cincinnati Reds vs. Pittsburgh Pirates game on July 13 at 1:10pm. IAFF members may order tickets through June 5.

Also check out the Cincinnati Convention & Visitors Bureau Convention so you’ll find the best restaurants to eat, where to shop and look for other event listings.





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