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Five Tips on 9-Volt Battery Safety

Common household items may present dangers to home owners that they are unaware.

Items such 9-volt batteries if left improperly stored have resulted in serious fire incidents. In many households, it is common for homeowners to place batteries in a junk drawer that contain other items like keys, paper clips and loose change and other items. But then boom – disaster happens.

Homeowners store these items innocently and often times don’t know of the serious consequences. It only takes one metallic object to touch the battery’s post to start a fire. It may come as a shock to some that a fire incident can stem from batteries, but they have cropped up with homeowners barely escaping with their lives.

The IAFF wants to help its affiliate educate their communities about the importance of properly storing 9-volt batteries.

Share these tips via the National Fire Protection Association:
•         Keep 9-volt batteries in original packaging until you are ready to use them. If loose, keep the posts covered with masked, duct or electrical tape
•         Do not store 9-volt batteries in a drawer close to paper clips, coins, pens, batteries, steel wool, aluminum foil and keys
•         Store batteries standing up
•         9-volt  batteries should not be thrown away with trash
•         Some states do not allow any type of battery to be disposed of with trash. Check with your city or town for the best way to get rid of batteries

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