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Scott Walker’s Effect on Wisconsin

Scott Walker promised Wisconsinites he could spur job and economic development while campaigning for the state’s top job four years ago.

Wisconsinites were sold a bag of goods.

Walker, an enemy to workers and public sector unions everywhere, declared his administration would create 250,000 new jobs in the state during his first term. He has not kept his promise. Wisconsin ranked 37th among states for private sector growth. For the past three years, Wisconsin has lagged behind other midwestern states in job growth. 

Wisconsin should see Walker for what he really is – a political pawn for the ultra-rich and powerful. He pits average Wisconsin citizens against government. In the ultimate power grab, Walker proclaimed Wisconsin broke, and called his first budget a “budget repair bill” and used it to strip workers of their right to bargain collectively and make severe cuts to public services. While at the same time, Walker cozied up to his wealthy donors to keep his policies going.

For Wisconsin labor unions, Walker has silenced their voices when it comes to negotiating over their health care, safety and benefits. Walker has turned public workers into the “working poor” as many have taken second jobs to make ends meet -- and for some that isn’t enough because they are requesting public assistance.

Walker has not made life better for the citizens of Wisconsin, but has divided the state with his negative brand of politics.

That’s a legacy no leader should say they are proud to have accomplished.





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